The day had finally arrived for the anticipated difficult push to Lobuche. The trek had been built up for several of the proceeding days. The trek would put us higher in elevation than what we were actually supposed to go for acclimatization. Why go? Simply because there is nowhere to stop in between Periche and Lobuche for acclimatization.

The group set off to Lobuche at a slow steady pace. We left Periche at 13,792 feet and headed toward Lobuche sitting at 16,105 feet. This would be the highest in elevation I had ever been. Sure, I was feeling great in the previous days but there was no way to know how I would do at a high elevation. I felt a bit nervous as we set off on the trail worried as to how my body would react to such a high altitude.

The trek to Lobuche was cold and windy. We were exposed and the path we followed was engulfed in cloud for most of the day. It was a strange sensation walking through the mist towards the unknown to our highest altitude yet. We arrived to an extremely dingy lodge. It was by far the worst place we had stayed yet to drop off our bags and then head to the pyramid lab. I was happy for the opportunity to escape the lodge, it was old, dingy, smelly, and every other gross adjective you can think of. Not a place I wanted to hang around for long.

We set off for the pyramid lab again consumed by the clouds. Nima Sherpa spoke with one of the researchers at the lab and got us set up with a tour. We were welcomed into the pyramid space by a researcher who allowed us to walk through every room of the lab and to take photos. He even showed us a device they used to measure the seismic waves from the l surprised to find this out as none of us had felt a think (fortunately!) earthquake and we learned that there had been an aftershock the day.

After a long day we made our way back to the lodge in Lobuche for dinner. At this point in the trip I had grown tired of the pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans we’ve been served since arriving in Nepal. We have actually been fed really well throughout the trip, however, one can only eat so many carbs. I picked at my potatoes and passed at the rest of dinner before heading off to bed.

I went to sleep in a dark dingy room awaiting for the next day’s trek to the much anticipated  Everest Base Camp and then to Gorak Shep for a night.