This trip has really highlighted our (the West / First World’s) heavy reliance on technology, be it our gadgets, WiFi or 3G, or much more fundamental things like basic mains electricity. Gadgetry and Nepal don’t get along so well all the time. Kathmandu’s power, like the rest of the city, was all over the show. Namche has been better, but having two dozen travellers plug in their devices after breakfast trips the lodge’s board. We are on AC rations now so that the PowerLab experiments can go ahead later this morning. Things are only going to get more fickle from now on too, which is a concern. There are also some stories circulating from Trevor’s last trip about laptops and external hard drives giving up the ghost at altitude. I’ve got triple backups running but I need everyone to cross their fingers please so we get all this footage home 🙂

(Probably not worthy of a blog post but it’s playing a big part in our trip!)