Today was busy! Fortunately all the scientific equipment arrived this morning so the teams were able to perform their experiment shakedowns and get everything running reasonably smoothly. The Calgary mob received their own packs as well so were finally able to slip into some clean clothes!

We all donned our guinea pig hats and had our brain waves recorded, fingers pricked, urine tested and heart rates monitored whilst running up and down the hotel’s stairs. Generally, everything appears to have gone according to plan although a few measures have been cut due to time constraints that we’ll run into during the trek.

I think Kait has more information coming on a lot of these tests. However we’re still having some problems with power and internet. She has spent a frustrating day trying to upload some great timelapses but to no avail. We will persevere over the next few days.

This will be just a quick post as tomorrow is going to be a BIG day; I have to do a repack and then head to bed. We are heading to the airport at 5 am tomorrow to make the short hop to Lukla. Then we’ll be trekking for seven or eight hours to get to our digs in Monjo. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, good night from Kathmandu 🙂


(Club OMG LOL)